Zebacus Launches Innovative Bitcoin Mining Product – Zebacus Pool

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (The Journal-Wire) – April 3, 2023 – Zebacus, the innovative cryptocurrency platform, has launched a new Bitcoin mining product, Zebacus Pool. This dynamic platform generates traders an opportunity to buy terahash with a projected return of less than two years based on the current Bitcoin price. To celebrate its launch, Zebacus gives out $5 worth of […]

Tesistime Launches App With 300+ Learning Resources for Degree Thesis

The journal Wire- July 6, 2022– Quito, Ecuador – Tesistime, a platform assisting in designing a degree thesis, has launched the Tesistime App. More than 300 unpaid educational materials are available on this platform. The items include classes, eBooks & Audiobooks, Templates, Summaries, Guides, Infographics, Mind Maps, Classes, Courses, Recorded Sessions, 24/7 assistance, and a Personal […]

London Health and Cosmetic Start-up ZeeGen Wins “The Most Innovative Company of The “Year” Award

The Journal Wire / July 5, 2022 / From time to time, a company emerges in every industry that raises the bar, rewrites the standards in that industry, and comes up with something revolutionary. This was the case in Central Europe, where ZEEGEN, a Hungarian-owned microtechnology start-up, was launched and quickly spread its reputation to several […]

TV Program Lively World To Empower the Blockchain Industry by Spreading The Knowledge and Promote and Raise Fund For Startups Via Decentralized VC

Lively Verse is pleased to launch its TV program Lively World in partnership with UCL to be the first blockchain platform with a tv show to promote and raise funds for startups through Decentralized VC. The Journal Wire / August 15, 2022 / Lively Verse, a blockchain platform, is set to launch a TV show to […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Platform, SportsBattle, Adds eSports Games to Their Fantasy Battle Games List

The Journal Wire-(September 2, 2022) – September 2, 2022– Atlanta, Georgia– US-based fantasy sports company, SportsBattle, attempts to bring a balance to the fantasy games market more skewed towards outdoor athletic games by adding eSports like DotA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) to their list of fantasy battles. SportsBattle is an independently owned Daily Fantasy Sports […]

Street art NFT startup STREETH adds Senior Marketing Executive to expand its growth

UK marketeer Enrico Nonino will join the founding team as CMO, following recent appointments of co-founder Danilo De Rosa as CEO and Simone Minzi as new COO. Miami, Florida – Sep 21, 2022 – STREETH, the first street art NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain, announces the addition of Enrico Nonino as Chief Marketing Officer to strengthen […]

Extrachain Announces The Alternate For Classic Proof-of-Work and Provides Infrastructure For Distributed Apps, Blockchains and DAO Platforms

(Dubai, UAE) As Ethereum makes one of the biggest shifts towards its vision of more energy-efficient and more secure Ethereum 2.0 with The Merge in September 2022, companies like ExtraChain that use Ethereum’s success story as a development model, are taking this opportunity to show alternatives to classic Proof-of-Work and contribute heavily to the crypto-revolution that’s going […]