Bitcointalk Promotion

Boost Your Crypto Project's Exposure with Our Bitcointalk Promotion Service is a leading international crypto forum with over 2 million monthly visitors. 3 reasons WHY you need to generate forum discussions on your project

Our Approach

  • Most DEFI/ICO/STO/IEO trackers and listings monitor the ANN topic and decrease your HYPE score if the activity on your project is low. You need to have at least 1 daily posts.
  • Exchanges study the ANN topic before making the decision to list your token. With high activity, you have much better chances and the price of the listing is lower.
  • Most private DEFI/ICO/STO/IEO investors check your project before making a decision to buy your tokens. If nobody discusses your project, it means that it is dead, so no one will invest, and you will fail to reach your hard cap.
  • Creating a structure of bounty campaign based on project tokens allocation for bounty.
  • Delivering Bounty to 7k+ bounty members every month.
  • Design and create a bounty thread on Bitcointalk.
  • Moderate bounty thread till the end of the campaign.

  • Creating signatures for bitcointalk bounty campaign.

  • Creating of registration forms.

  • Support of bounty participants community in separate telegram chat.

  • Tally and count the shares/reposts/likes, etc and keep a record in a spreadsheet.

  • Verify these records to be true/fake.

  • Deliver the table with names, email, work done by them, and eth addresses, be awarded to the client.

Bounty Campaigns

  • We will deliver 5 comments daily on your BitcoinTalk thread.
  • BitcoinTalk signature campaign (+ included design of signature for all ranks )
  • Social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram )
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