The Journal Wire / July 5, 2022 / From time to time, a company emerges in every industry that raises the bar, rewrites the standards in that industry, and comes up with something revolutionary. This was the case in Central Europe, where ZEEGEN, a Hungarian-owned microtechnology start-up, was launched and quickly spread its reputation to several continents. At the end of October 2021, the company was awarded the prestigious “The Most Innovative Company” special prize at the 8th edition of ANCE 2021, one of the largest business networking conferences in the Asian region. And the march of this company toward success goes on. In Q3 and Q4 of 2022, they are already preparing their expansion in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, equipping their first affiliates with extensive knowledge and marketing tools.

What is the basic concept of ZEEGEN?

Most of us want to stay young and healthy for as long as we can,” says Tamas Godo, the company’s founding owner. Every year, people around the world spend more than €200 billion to achieve this. Over the past nearly 30 years, I have gained extensive experience in beauty and health products, not only in sales but also in the areas related to product design, ingredients, and manufacturing. At the same time, I have recognised that the pandemic has changed many things and that the responses to the needs that have arisen require a completely new approach. The idea for ZEEGEN was born during the closures when I also realised that we would not be able to meet the new challenges with the old mindset and old technologies. This led to the decision to shift our focus and start a development process that would result in the creation and marketing of super-premium dietary supplements and high-tech cosmetics that support active lifestyles. ZEEGEN has and will continue to keep the Research and Development phase in-house. The formulations are our own property because this is one of the pillars that will ensure the basis for the long-term development of the company. For the development process, we have built up a scientific advisory board of excellent experts who are very supportive of our objectives, and we have also had a very interactive involvement of the multinational companies that supply us. There is an ongoing exchange of expertise with these companies. As a result of this process, we have created a micron biotech start-up that puts innovation first, where we combine tradition with the results of modern scientific research.

What does innovation actually mean for ZEEGEN compared to traditional solutions?

It means that ZEEGEN’s products use what we call smart active ingredient delivery systems, and these benefits are reflected in their efficacy. With that, we have created a brand new super-premium product category.

What makes ZEEGEN products so effective?

Dr. Erzsebet Nemedy PhD, a member of the ZEEGEN Scientific Board, sais: The active ingredients are in microcapsules, complexes that range in size from the nano range to a few hundred nanometers. The packaged active ingredients can be thought of as the ancient Trojan horse of the Greek, which this time delivers the friends into the body, active ingredients that behave differently and have up to 40 times the absorption and biological activity. The effects can be much faster, more pronounced and much less active ingredient is needed to have the same effect, which is not negligible from an environmental point of view. ZEEGEN is committed to using key active ingredients whose effects can be justified by the manufacturers through clinical trials with maximum scientific rigour, and as a result the effects are more predictable and better designed.

ZEEGEN is committed to not only using the results of clinical trials on lead active ingredients, but also to conduct clinical trials on specific formulations, which will provide an additional quality benefit to consumers.

What should you know about ZEEGEN’s cosmetic products?

ZEEGEN’s cosmetic products use what is known as cosmetic drone technology, where the active ingredients in the microcapsule are guaranteed to reach the right

depths of the skin due to their small size, and are only targeted to the cells where they are supposed to work. Such targeted delivery of active ingredients has not really been seen in the cosmetics industry until now, ” says Tamás Godó.

What form of sales and marketing did you choose?

We want to get our products to consumers in a way that gives a significant advantage to the people, families and businesses who help distribute them, ” says Tamas Godo

with sincere enthusiasm. We don’t use the traditional commercial model, but a socalled influencer affiliate model, which provides the company with a healthier cash flow, especially at the beginning, and a significant income opportunity for the partners in the sales. We don’t want to spend huge amounts of money at marketing agencies or a few players in the commercial chain for unpredictable market results, but we decided to distribute this money among those who deliver ZEEGEN’s products

directly or indirectly to consumers, according to a pre-defined performance-based framework. To achieve the right results, to support breakthrough success, we also

provide ZEEGEN partners with detailed training, guidance and tools. We want our partners to be familiar both offline and online with the opportunities and the tools they can use. This can turn this opportunity into a turnkey business that anyone can run from home or anywhere in the world. Our business model, developed for international expansion across continents, provides opportunities for our collaborating partners to profit significantly in the long term, rather than a little quickly.

What do you see as the most important things?

There is a growing need today to look good and feel good. Our company’s products are effective in helping as many of us as possible to achieve and maintain this

desired state in the long term,” answers Annabell Markovics, co-founder and coowner of the company.Through our innovative products and sustainable business concept, we are building a global community and ecosystem of motivated, health-conscious people who want to do something for themselves and their environment. And we are committed to empowering millions of people to put the results of science-based innovation to work for their health and beauty every day.

In addition to preserving beauty and health, we also believe it is important to protect the environment. ZEEGEN carbon neutralises both its products and its operations. In short, this means that we monitor every aspect of the company’s operations, every process in the manufacture of our products, to ensure that they emit the least amount of CO2. The remaining CO2 is offset by the purchase of voluntary carbon credits, based on accurate calculations and analyses, to support verified projects that improve our planet’s climate,” she adds.

Based on the above, it is probably not a coincidence that we have already received inquiries from highly aware angel investors from the Middle East,” says Tamas Godo, but our focus is currently on further developments and on expanding into international markets.

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