Airdrop Management

Effortless Airdrop Management Solutions

Simplify your token distribution process with our seamless and efficient management service. Streamline and optimize your airdrop campaigns effortlessly, ensuring smooth and hassle-free token distribution to your community.

  • Community support services in public Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin chats of the Project.

  • Creation of accounts for projects on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Telegram(Channel), Reddit, and Instagram.

  • Creation of a step-by-step guide for your airdrop with smart airdrop activities that allow getting free organic traffic and hype.

  • Moderation & Engaging the Community with content and updates on the project.

  • Scrapping data and engaging targeted users in our ads and messages.

  • Updating pinned messages on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Creating/Updating FAQ with the tailored answer

  • Fighting Spammers and Scammers in the group.

  • Maintaining a reasonably short response time.

  • Driving investors(private/public) directly to the project team.

  • Installing of necessary Telegram bots to manage the group in auto mode.

  • Sending invitations to join the Chat among the biggest Telegram crypto and blockchain chats.

  • User base is expected to reach 20,000+ users in every 30 days in cumulative of all the channels.

80% of Airdrop participants do several tasks (activities). It means that in general, you will get 2 or 3 times more users than 20k. For example, 1 user will join your telegram chat/channel/Twitter and Facebook and you will get 4 subscribers total however it is only 1 unique airdrop user. Proof (60k users total, 52k who passed the captcha (so there are no bots), and 119k total).

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