British Virgin Islands/ The Journal-Wire/ 01-04-2024 DOS Labs, the visionary developer and publisher behind the highly anticipated battle royale game MetaDOS, has successfully raised $2.45 million in funding. The investment round was led by prominent venture capital firms Kangaroo Capital, AZA Ventures, Brainbox, GD10 Capital, and Avalon Wealth Club.

The infusion of capital will fuel the development and imminent launch of MetaDOS, a groundbreaking gaming experience that merges the adrenaline of battle royale gameplay with a unique “Time-as-currency” concept. The alpha version of MetaDOS is already live on Steam, and the official game launch is scheduled for May.

Anh Le, COO & Co-founder of DOS Labs, shared insights into MetaDOS’s genesis: “Our journey began 12 years ago with Captain Strike, the first mobile shooting game that garnered 1 million users within two months. Inspired by Counter-Strike, it laid the foundation for our expertise. In 2017, we pioneered Bullet Strike, one of the world’s earliest mobile battle royale games. Now, with MetaDOS, we’re pushing boundaries by operating solely on the blockchain.”

MetaDOS introduces novel features that empower players to shape the game’s destiny collectively. By leveraging blockchain technology, players retain ownership of their in-game items and currencies, transcending the limitations of traditional gaming ecosystems.

MetaDOS pioneers a cosmetics-centred economy, where collectables like skins, takedown animations, music packs, and artworks enhance player experiences without compromising game balance. The platform collaborates with top esports organisations to host thrilling tournaments.

Unlike many Web3 games that rely solely on NFTs, MetaDOS combines the best of web2 and web3 revenue models. Bridging the gap, the platform bolsters sustainable monetization strategies beyond fleeting trends.

DOS Labs is concurrently developing DOS Chain, an Avalanche Subnet, to provide players with a seamless, zero-gas-fee experience. With near-instant transaction finality, MetaDOS becomes accessible to both web2 and web3 enthusiasts.

MetaDOS boasts a team of industry veterans, including former talent from video game-developing companies. These seasoned developers have collectively contributed to over 100 popular gaming franchises, amassing more than 1 billion downloads worldwide.

Anh Le emphasised the commitment to quality and user experience. “DOS Labs builds DOS (Decentralised Operating System) not only for players but also for game developers entering the Web3 space. Our mission is to democratise blockchain gaming.”

With investors supporting the project for over two years, Anh and co-founder & CEO Quang are poised to propel MetaDOS across platforms—PC, Mobile, and Consoles—ushering in a new era of battle royale gaming.

About DOS Labs: 

DOS Labs is a trailblazing game development studio committed to revolutionizing the gaming industry through blockchain technology. With MetaDOS as its flagship project, DOS Labs aims to empower players, foster innovation, and redefine the gaming landscape.

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