Lively Verse is pleased to launch its TV program Lively World in partnership with UCL to be the first blockchain platform with a tv show to promote and raise funds for startups through Decentralized VC.

The Journal Wire / August 15, 2022 / Lively Verse, a blockchain platform, is set to launch a TV show to spread the knowledge of blockchain and other techs and also raise funds for startups & companies. Apart from projecting the audiovisual content of these startups, it will collect funding through its Decentralized Venture method.

Upon its launch, Co-Founder, CTO & CSO Parsa Abbasi said “Blockchain projects find it hard to showcase their product to mass media, and that’s one of the reasons they can’t raise enough funds. On the other hand, Blockchain is a complex technology and hence people are unaware of its benefits. We aim to bring these two together for their mutual benefit. Our vision is to empower the future of Blockchain by spreading the knowledge through societies and helping entrepreneurs and actives of this industry to expand it and we do it with our media power along with investment power.”

Under this project, entrepreneurs will feature their project through exposure and raise funds through the InnoVerse investment DAO and its token, INNO, and also get massive marketing features by LVL token in the LivelyVerse ecosystem. Enterprises can use or exchange these tokens to start operations for their business and get many services they need in this ecosystem.

Under its viewership rewards program, whoever views and interacts with the content earns LVL, the utility token of this ecosystem. They can use it to be a part of crowdfunding or staking plans for the blockchain ecosystem of Lively Verse.

InnoVerse is the investors’ validator’s arm of Lively Verse. Here, VCs, Angel Investors, incubators and accelerators, and also experienced autonomous investors can invest in businesses through the validator’s rewards. These investors here in this ecosystem, don’t need to put the whole money for a startup to fundraise and they are co-investing with lively on many startups and they’ll get rewards which is a part of Innoverse portfolio. They give us their experience and Innoverse provides the funds for the startups they chose in that investment DAO. Also, they will receive Innoverse and LVL tokens from Lively Verse depending upon the voting rights and fair valuations.

Under this investment model, the investors and viewers will have access to invest or be a part of many startups with one token offered by Lively Verse on one platform. Upon regular contributions and active involvement, they will be featured as guests in the TV show.

While explaining the business model, Co-Founder, CTO & CSO Parsa Abbasi added “Our product aims to build and foster a community of investors, influencers, partners, and consumers of blockchain. It will bring forth innovation and growth in this new-age technology.”

The entire ecosystem of the Lively Verse is set up on a decentralized and open source infrastructure to bring innovation and creativity to the continuous development of the software. Its standard utility token(LVL) is going to be listed soon on exchanges.

About Lively Verse

With a motto to empower the future of blockchain technology, Lively Verse has built an entire ecosystem for investors, startups, and content consumers of blockchain technology.

The founding team has a combined experience of 25+ years in finance, AI, blockchain, marketing and advertising. Lively Verse is backed by experienced personnel in business development, technical expertise, and market specialization from North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Media Contact:

Name: Parsa Abbasi
Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kristiine linnaosa, Seebi tn 1-1501, 11316

SOURCE: Lively Verse

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