The journal Wire- July 6, 2022– Quito, Ecuador – Tesistime, a platform assisting in designing a degree thesis, has launched the Tesistime App. More than 300 unpaid educational materials are available on this platform. The items include classes, eBooks & Audiobooks, Templates, Summaries, Guides, Infographics, Mind Maps, Classes, Courses, Recorded Sessions, 24/7 assistance, and a Personal Tutor.

Also, it provides up to 130 Scientific games centered around boosting the cognitive learning of its users. Tesistime App educates the Scientific Research Methodology logic behind writing a full-fledged thesis.

Further, this application teaches the research methodology needed for elaborating, developing, and producing various academic texts. Hence, the beneficiaries of this app can write a thesis, reports, monographs, projects, dissertations, essays, and scientific articles. Tesistime assistance aims to reduce the psychological and financial burden of students behind writing academic texts of international standards.

To complete a thesis with Tesistime’s assistance, students first choose the topic of their academic paper on the app. After that, the app will provide methods for approval of these topics. The learners will get support in writing the entire thesis on time. The team will also prepare an oratory and argumentative defense of their thesis and give it the final touch. As a bonus, users will receive training on soft skills and critical thinking.

Tesistime application offers both unpaid and paid programs. Users of this app can avail of the paid content without payment through the Tesistime rewards program. They can unlock these items by playing and winning scientifically made games. Also, they can watch ads to unlock paid studying material. YouTube videos and books are specially designed for financially challenged students.

Also, students can get personalized services, including live classes and recorded training among an array of academic notes available online. Considering the financial background of the majority of learners in Latin America, the developers have kept the pricing to its minimum affordability level.

Currently, the educational market falls short of providing academic research accessible to all. Also, the cost of hiring external advisors is high. Tesistime project aims to bridge this gap in Latin America by providing budget options for financially lacking learners. It promotes quality thesis through repeated gaming training sessions. The focus is on the timely completion of the thesis so that these learners can complete their graduation on time.

About Tesistime: Tesistime offers services in developing a thesis, dissertations, and other academic papers. Johnniel Rojas (CEO and Founder) started working on this platform in 2013.

By 2019, a group of professionals joined the initiative of providing low-cost thesis assistance. This group of experts includes Zaraiht Rondón (CCO), Kelvin Parea (CTO), and Gilberto Pardo (Developer), well-known names from the startup world.

In May 2022, these experts launched Tesistime across the Latin American continent. The application was launched on platforms like the play store and apple store for mass accessibility. The team at Tesistime can assist the learners in securing admissions and training for their academic papers.

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