Dubai, United Arab Emirates (The Journal-Wire) – April 3, 2023 – Zebacus, the innovative cryptocurrency platform, has launched a new Bitcoin mining product, Zebacus Pool. This dynamic platform generates traders an opportunity to buy terahash with a projected return of less than two years based on the current Bitcoin price. To celebrate its launch, Zebacus gives out $5 worth of bitcoin terahash which is reflected on the dashboard upon signing up.

Zebacus aims to become a one-stop cryptocurrency solution for its users globally. With the goal of providing cutting-edge technology to facilitate crypto transactions, Zebacus is developing a range of products and services that cater to the needs of its users. One of Zebacus’ primary offerings is its bitcoin mining platform, which is live and available for use by crypto enthusiasts. The mining platform provides a convenient way for users to participate in Bitcoin mining.

In the future, Zebacus plans to launch a range of products and services to provide its users with even more options. These include a Centralized Exchange (CEX), Decentralized Exchange (DEX), DeFi platform, NFT marketplace, custodian services, fund insurance, data storage, infrastructure, and other innovative products. These products offer significant benefits to the daily life of a crypto investor, not only enhancing user security but also bolstering the platform’s reliability.

With the new developments, the company strives to increase global financial freedom. It focuses on spreading economic liberty that can significantly improve people’s lives all over the world.

Moreover, with its exciting future aspirations and strong financial management backing, Zebacus is poised to take a significant market share in the world of Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency industry. Consequently, to incentivize early adoption, Zebacus has recently launched its new pool, and users who sign up can receive $5 worth of terahash on their dashboard. This terahash can be used to participate in Bitcoin mining through the pool.

About the Company Zebacus

Zebacus is an emerging platform in the cryptocurrency industry, offering a fully automated trading system for various cryptocurrencies and other crypto solutions. The platform is based on blockchain technology and is developed by experienced developers with over 30 years of experience in the trading market.

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Media Contact

Organization: Zebacus
Contact Person: Harry Constantinou
Address: 606, City avenue building, Port saeed road
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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