The Journal Wire-(September 2, 2022) – September 2, 2022– Atlanta, Georgia– US-based fantasy sports company, SportsBattle, attempts to bring a balance to the fantasy games market more skewed towards outdoor athletic games by adding eSports like DotA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) to their list of fantasy battles.

SportsBattle is an independently owned Daily Fantasy Sports company based in Atlanta that offers three types of game formats – over-under, player battles, and contests – with simple UI and easy-to-play game formats. It was established in 2020 to offer fantasy inter-league battle-style contests to Cricket fans in the US and to date, is the only such platform to offer a legal way to stake on Cricket in North America. Later, the company moved to props-based fantasy models to keep up with the trends in the US gaming market and now covers several other sports like NBA, NFL, MLB, Women’s NBA, Soccer, Golf, Canadian Football, Nascar, MMA, Men’s & Women’s Tennis, F1, along with eSports like DotA and CSGO, as of 2022. The SportsBattle app has gained a lot of popularity in the past two years and is now available in 27 States of the USA to offer legal sports staking in the country.

The only criterion for taking part in betting with SportsBattle is being a US citizen over 18 years of age (19 or older in Alabama, 21 or older in Massachusetts). After registration, up to 5 players can be chosen in a single game and bets can be placed. The rules are simple – pick a sport and a game, predict if your chosen players will go over or under their stat projection for the game (for over/under gameplay), or if your chosen player will win the game (for player battle gameplay) and wait for the results. The app is designed to offer simple gameplays for the average sports fan who might otherwise be overwhelmed competing against too experienced betting sharks that create countless lineups.

Apart from fantasy games, SportsBattle also provides payouts options “Attack Play” with bigger payouts and “Defense Play” respectively for aggressive fans and those who choose to play safe. The company also plans to soon release other game types built into its product offerings, such as daily contests and season-long contests across all sports.

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