Layer 1 Project “SARDIS” Launches the First Crypto-Based Forex System

WILMINGTON, DE / The Journal Wire / September 26, 2022 / Sardis is a layer 1 blockchain ecosystem that is launching the world’s first Crypto-based FOREX for fiat currencies and derivatives trading platform. The app takes only three seconds for a transaction to be finalized, with crypto security and flexibility. Users can convert their crypto assets to […]

WhiteBIT Has Added the Polygon Network to Its Decentralized Exchange WhiteSwap

The Journal Wire/ October 06-2022/  WhiteSwap, a decentralized exchange that enables users to change contract code through self-governance has announced that the Polygon network was added to the platform. Previously, the exchange only worked with Ethereum and Tron. This decision will speed up the transaction time and reduce its cost. In addition, with the connection to […]

BitForex Becomes the First Exchange to Support IOTA’s Shimmer Network Token

Hong Kong, Hong Kong–(The Journal Wire – October 10, 2022) – BitForex, an international cryptocurrency exchange platform, is the first to support IOTA’s Shimmer Network Token, SMR. Shimmer Network’s mainnet and ecosystem, which went live on September 28, 2022, are supported by the platform. Along with the trading of the new cryptocurrency (SMR), it also supports projects […]

SwampGatorsNFT Introduces AI Algorithm, FUD Meter, that Analyses Customer Sentiment Data and finds viable NFT Investment Opportunities

Miami, Florida – US-based NFT project, SwampGatorsNFT, comes up with a new members-exclusive AI algorithm named FUD Meter that will read consumer sentiments from various sites on the internet and guide towards new and emerging opportunities for the users. For the past two years, NFTs have become the internet’s new favorite buzzword. After the announcement of Metaverse […]

Quit Addiction Now emerges as a hub for addiction information and introduces the largest directory of US rehab centers.

US National addiction platform, Quit Addiction Now, has formed the biggest repository of rehabilitation centers from all over the country to make it easier to find places for getting help for alcohol and other substance abuse issues. The organization aims to make getting information about various drugs, their possible treatment, and addiction treatment centers in the […]

ProjectMaybe Introduces Sci-Fi Time Travelling NFT Collection, “Time is Running Out” (TIRO), Minting on Nov 6th

Nov 04, 2022 – Project Maybe presents “Time is Running Out” (TIRO), a NFT collection based on a time travelling Sci-Fi theme, minting on Nov 6th at 0.02 ETH. The main focus is to offer utilities to the holders and experience time travelling visions through playing their online game and the Metaverse. Project Maybe is offering whitelist […]

Malgo Finance Introduces a Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Platform With Three Prominent Elements

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – November 18, 2022 – (The Journal-Wire) – Malgo Finance CEX, NFT marketplace, and DeFi wallet are evolved versions that are game changers for the blockchain industry. Stocks and crypto exchanges are important platforms to trade and diversify investment. Though people doubt the credibility of such investment options, popular celebs and fortune 500 […]