Miami, Florida – US-based NFT project, SwampGatorsNFT, comes up with a new members-exclusive AI algorithm named FUD Meter that will read consumer sentiments from various sites on the internet and guide towards new and emerging opportunities for the users.

For the past two years, NFTs have become the internet’s new favorite buzzword. After the announcement of Metaverse and its numerous possibilities heavily dependent on NFTs, there has been immense growth in the utility expansion of these tokens. In simple words, Non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, are a digital asset class that are one-of-a-kind, indivisible, and cannot be traded. NFTs can include anything from blogs, songs, collectibles, to in-game items like upgrades and others. Anyone registered in an NFT community can buy, sell, borrow, and invest in it.

The SwampGatorsNFT community was established as a proof-of-concept with the goal of developing methods for creators, users, and adopters to profit from the project. The project is a customised collection of NFTs housed on IPFS and maintained as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum network. The 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the SwampGatorsNFT collection were randomly generated using AI technology. Moreover, 100+ distinct features in the collection were produced in partnership with one of the industry’s most prominent artists, GSD3d. They aim to develop a one-stop platform to keep its users posted about their portfolio’s growth along with the latest headlines from the business.

The SwampGatorsNFT project offers a number of benefits for their NFT holders along with the regular discounts and free merchandise. Besides exclusive opportunity for participating in various events, members will have voting rights for big decisions for the community like what kind of new ventures the project will start or which other projects they will partner with. Members can take part in the community-led exotic rental car business generating short-term profits, purchase real estate or a business for long-term profits, and more. One of the most notable benefits

SwampGatorsNFT holders will enjoy is exclusive access to the premium dashboard and Web3 tools encompassing a series of new features and services the project is developing, one of the main ones being FUD Meter which will read consumer sentiments online across all platforms to provide a score based on the results. This will automatically keep the members of SwampGatorsNFT ahead of most other NFT projects as they will have extra help in deciding which ventures are profitable enough to invest.

SwampGatorsNFT declares that it will also reserve 30% of the project’s proceedings from secondary sales in the community wallet. Members will have the voting power for deciding how this amount will be spent or invested. The project seeks to create comparatively realistic rewards and less volatile assets so that its producers, users, and adopters gain the option to profit from it while also expanding and establishing the brand more broadly in the community.

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Company Name: Swamp Gators NFT
Contact Person: Josue Salas
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Address:13640 North Kendall Drive #1142
City: Miami
State: FL 33186
Country: United States

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