All press releases will be reviewed by THE JOURNAL-WIRE’s editorial team prior to publication. Once approved, it will be published on the date specified in the submission. THE JOURNAL-WIRE will contact you if there are any problems with your submission.

Content Guidelines

For a press release to be approved, it must meet the following content guidelines in full:

Press releases must contain newsworthy content or announcements, and be written in the appropriate press release format. If you are unsure of the format or type of content to be included in a press release, then please refer to the THE JOURNAL-WIRE Press Release writing guide.

The content of the news should be related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies. If the company or entity issuing the news isn’t already operating in the blockchain or cryptocurrency niche, it should be evident from the content of the press release how the news is relevant to the niche.

The headline should clearly indicate the news that the press release conveys and the source of the news. In most cases, the source will be the company or entity issuing the press release.

You may include one image within the release. Please make sure image is formatted correctly. THE JOURNAL-WIRE press release cover images must be uploaded in 1200x720px. If these exact dimensions aren’t available, adhere to a 16:9 ratio to avoid cropping on THE JOURNAL-WIRE’s syndications.

All press releases must provide up-to-date contact details of the issuing company or its representatives.

All press releases must specify a date of publication.

Make sure all backlinks are working and direct to the desired web page.

Each press release may include up to 4-5 backlinks.

Content should be factual and accurate. It should not contain speculative or opinion-based statements.

If another company than the one issuing the announcement is mentioned in the press release, permission from an authorized representative of the named company should be sought prior to submitting the press release.

All content must be original and unique. Templated or copyrighted content is not permitted

Style Guidelines

For a press release to be approved, it must meet the following style guidelines in full:

Press releases should be a maximum of 700 words in total. This includes the title, initial summary, and “about” section.

Use clear and concise language. Press releases must be written in English and be free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If abbreviations or acronyms are used, please ensure these are explained.

All press releases must use objective language and be free of advertising or hype. Please refrain from using superlatives and adjectives that are subjective in nature and do not objectively represent people or companies in question. Exclamation points, capitalizing entire words, and terms of direct address such as “you” or “we” should be avoided.

Quotes should be clearly indicated in quotation marks and attributed to the source by name, job title, and company.

The use of links should be kept to a minimum and no more than one link per ~150 words.

Non-standard formatting including elements such as tables, forced line breaks, HTML tags, and non-standard characters should not be used.

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